Retirement Readiness

You're making a commitment to provide your employees with a qualified Retirement Plan. Our team of professionals will work with you and your Financial Representative to create a customized enrollment and education program to meet your plan’s unique needs and help prepare your employees for retirement.

Your employees will have access to the tools and resources to easily enroll in the plan, easy to understand information about the importance of saving for retirement, and the ongoing education and support to prepare for retirement.

Putting Participants 1st

At John Hancock, we are guided by a set of core principles that are firmly in line with the original mandate of the 401(k), and we have the courage and conviction to put participants first.

Save Early

We provide the tools to encourage employee participation by providing high tech to high touch options that help employees enroll however, whenever and wherever.

Save More

Our "Set a Goal" program helps participants envision life in retirement and set retirement income goals. The Retirement Action Plan keeps participants on track for retirment and help adjust as needed.

Invest Smart

A range of asset allocation strategies provides the benefits of diversification in a single choice and interactive learning provides ongoing education on investing for all levels.

Our Approach

We make retirement planning easier by working with your Financial Representative to build an interactive, personalized experience that’s customized to your company.

The focus is on engaging employees, encouraging suitable deferral rates, and providing education on appropriate investment strategies to help them envision their life in retirement and financially prepare for it.


We have the people, the knowledge and the tools. By keeping a steady focus on the right benchmarks, we can design an experience that centers on the elements that matter most.

Online Enrollment

Desktop / Tablet / Smartphone

Interactive, self-serve and instant

Personalized, multi-media experience that caters to all types of employees

Employees enroll at their own pace

Phone Enrollment

One-to-one support

Trained enrollment specialist to answer employees’ questions

Fills out online enrollment form with employee

It’s like having an enrollment specialist for each of your employees

Making enrollment easy

Helping your employees become “retirement ready”

Enrolling your employees in your qualified retirement plan is simple and efficient thanks to our popular 1, 2, 3 Go! enrollment process.
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Having a group meeting? Choose from webcasts, conference calls and pre-recorded sessions or onsite meetings guided by a John Hancock Relationship Manager.

Set a Goal

Employees can choose the profile that best reflects how they see themselves living in retirement.

It's a quick, simple way to think about retirement. To assist with this, we have six distinct retirement profiles// based on how retirees are living today. Once participants pick a retirement profile, they will know how much they need to save for retirement.


Maximize Contributions

Encouraging participants to save more.

We make it easy for employees to figure out how much they need to save each month with our Contribution Calculator.
Our online education tools can also show participants how saving more can impact their retirement income.

JH EZincrease® is a service that automatically increases a participant's contribution amount every year, bringing them closer to their retirement goal.

Combine Retirement Assets in One Place*

Our Consolidation Specialists are ready to help participants move outside retirement accounts into their qualified retirement plan with John Hancock for a simple, seamless saving process.

Having one account helps make it easier to:

View balance and account activity in one place
Organize, plan and track retirement goals
Review retirement investments on one statement

Participants using our online enrollment options are likely to fill out the “consolidate my accounts” section on the Online Enrollment Experience.^

Invest wisely

Helping employees select from a broad range of investments.

As a Plan Sponsor, you want to provide your employees with a choice of asset allocation portfolios and quality brand name options. John Hancock along with your Financial Representative provides education on each of our investment options. Your participants will have access to easy-to-use tools that will walk them through the process of choosing the investment options that are right for them.

  • Conservative
  • Income
  • Growth & Income
  • Growth
  • Aggressive Growth

Our color-coded investment risk scale helps participants understand the characteristics of each investment option at a glance.

By answering six simple questions, participants can quickly determine their comfort level with risk. This helps choose a portfolio that matches their risk tolerance. We help participants get into diversified portfolios with close to 80% in an asset allocation portfolio.

Guaranteed Income for Life Select

American families share a number of concerns as they save for retirement. Three of the most common questions are:

1) Will I have enough to retire?

2) Will my savings last through retirement?

3) What if something goes wrong?

We understand these concerns. That’s why John Hancock created Guaranteed Income for Life Select. This guarantee feature responds to your participants' needs by providing:

Predictable growth, year after year

Every contribution a participant makes to Guaranteed Income for Life Select builds the Benefit Base*, which is guaranteed to grow by 3% each year before they retire.

Greater certainty throughout retirement

When a participant retires, they will have a source of guaranteed retirement income, no matter how long they live.

Protection from unpredictable markets

The Benefit Base will never decline due to poor market returns. And, if markets are strong when they retire, the Benefit Base increases to match their market value.
* Reduced by withdrawals, transfers and loans.

Track Progress and Adjust

Our easy-to-use planning tools help participants set goals, track their progress toward retirement, modify goals and more.

Helping Participants stay on course

Over time, participants may need to adjust their goals. Using our website, participants can modify their Action Plan by trying out different scenarios until they have a goal that works for them.

Quarterly statements

Our easy-to-read statements help keep participants on track. Each quarter, participants receive a detailed summary statement of their retirement planning progress. eDelivery service option gives participants access to 24 months of historical statements online.

Ongoing education and support

Retirement planning tools to help keep participants informed.

John Hancock and your Financial Representative work hard to ensure that your participants get the ongoing education and communications required to keep them informed and empowered every step of the way. You and your participants have access to tools and resources such as:

Participant Website
Retirement Fitness
My Learning Center
Market Dynamics
Rollover Services 1

// These profiles are for illustrative purposes only, are not intended as financial or investment advice, and are not intended to represent the past or future performance of any investment option.

* Participants are encouraged to speak with a Financial Representative to determine if combining their retirement accounts is suitable, as other options are available.

+The Benefit Base is not a cash value and cannot be taken as a lump sum. The Vested Benefit Base determines the guaranteed income amount a participant can receive at retirement. The Benefit Base will be reduced if you take withdrawals, loans or transfer money out of this feature.

 Not all materials, services or tools may be approved at your Broker Dealer firm, it is incumbent upon the registered representative to check with their firm before using any pieces described in this Proposal.

Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Although the Guaranteed Income for Life Select feature provides a guaranteed income base as well as guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits, the investment options available under the feature are variable investments and may lose value. Guarantees of withdrawals provided under the feature are supported by the issuer's general account and are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuer, which does not relate to the investment performance or safety of the investment options to which the feature applies. The guarantees provided are contingent on the Plan trustee's election to continue maintaining its Group Annuity Contract with John Hancock or the election of a participant to rollover his or her benefits to a recipient rollover vehicle available from John Hancock upon a termination event.

The Benefit Base is not a cash value and cannot be taken as a lump sum. The Vested Benefit Base determines the guaranteed income amount a participant can receive at retirement.

A Plan Trustee should consider the objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the investment options to which the feature applies and the limitations, terms and conditions of the feature as set forth in the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider before selecting this feature.

An additional fee is charged for the guarantee.

^John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York and EverFi Inc. are not affiliated and are not responsible for the liabilities of the others.

1 There are advantages and disadvantages to all rollover options. Participants are encouraged to speak with a Financial Representative to determine if staying in a 401(k) plan, rolling over to an IRA, or other options, are best for them.