Investment Platform
and Fiduciary Support

At John Hancock, our approach is simple – we provide a platform of investments that meet the needs of your plan participants. Whether you are working with an investment manager or looking for help with investment decisions.

Our investment platform provides no hidden fees or investments with undisclosed revenue, no proprietary Fund requirements or bias, the most efficient share class so participants always have the lowest available net investment cost, and a recordkeeping cost that is completely independent of investment selection.

CONFIDENCE in the JH Signature platform

Be confident knowing the careful steps we take to maintain the breadth and quality of investment options on the JH Signature platform. We use a strategic approach to managing the platform and filtering through the universe of funds on your behalf.

JH Signature™ is a trademark of the Group Annuity Contracts and recordkeeping agreements issued by John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), used under license by John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York.

Asset Allocation*

With no proprietary requirements and a recordkeeping cost that is completely independent of investment selection, you have the freedom to build a Fund lineup that can meet the needs of any group of plan participants.

Asset Allocation can be a key element of successful retirement planning. Our investment platform includes a wide range of Target Date and Lifestyle Portfolios from John Hancock and Third-Party fund managers.

Target Date Portfolios

Over 75% of DC retirement plans currently offer a Target Date investment option to their participants>

There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will achieve its objectives. Diversification does not guarantee a profit or assure against a loss.

Target Risk Portfoliosx

We offer risk-based, multi-manager, multi-asset class funds with active or passive strategies that can meet a participant's specific risk profile

A suite of managed volatility funds are also available where the strategy aims to help smooth out retyurns and limit the magnitude of losses in down markets

This example illustrates the tradeoff between risk and return for the five Target Risk Portfolios.

The total revenue John Hancock receives from any Funds advised or sub-advised by John Hancock's affiliates may be higher than those advised or sub-advised by unaffiliated entities. John Hancock's affiliates provide exclusive advisory and sub-advisory services to Funds. John Hancock and its affiliates may receive additional fees which would be included in the underlying fund's Expense Ratio.

Guaranteed Income Feature

We offer investment options from every major asset class and style category:

Options to build your Fund lineup


190+ options

Funds with exposure to a wide variety of investment styles and geographies

  • Domestic and Global
  • Large / Mid / Small Capitalization
  • Value / Blend / Growth Investment Styles

Fixed Income

85+ options

Various durations and credit qualities

  • Domestic and Global
  • Short / Intermediate / Long Term Duration
  • Investment Grade and High Yield


15+ options

Broad spectrum of holdings to provide both income and capital appreciation

  • Conservative to Aggressive Allocations

Low Cost Passive

35+ options

Replicate the performance of a designated benchmark index

  • Index Funds
  • ETFs

Capital Preservation

5+ options

Protect capital and limit portfolio losses

  • Stable Value Funds
  • Money Market

Sector and Specialty Funds

25+ options

Focus on a particular industry or sector of the econonmy

  • Precious Metals
  • Natural Resources

SUPPORT to help fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities

Whether you are an investment fiduciary or looking for assistance, we offer support for both the selection and ongoing monitoring of plan investments, while helping to avoid potential fiduciary issues.

Declaration warrantiesø

John Hancock's charges for Plan services are completely independent of the Funds selected by a Plan Trustee for a Plan's investment lineup.

The Plan Trustee is not required to select any John Hancock proprietary Funds for the Plan's investment lineup.

Each Plan participant pays the same percentage of their investments towards the cost of Plan services.

The underlying funds offered through the JH Signature platform will use the most efficient class structure that provides participants with the LOWEST NET INVESTMENT COST.

SUPPORT to help fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities

JH Signature provides access to a comprehensive suite of fiduciary tools to help both financial representatives and plan sponsors with investment decisions.

Services to help you do it

Access an additional layer of unbiased due diligence support, including plan-specific investment evaluation and monitoring.

IPS Manager ~
  • At no additional cost and easy-to-use online service that helps establish and automate an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) review process
  • Customize your IPS criteria and receive annual review reports
  • Online access to fund changes and participant notification templates
Wilshire 3(21) Adviser Service +
  • Wilshire provides customized investment menu recommendations for a 2 bps asset based charge
  • Plan-specific quarterly reports, including fund recommendations
  • At no additional cost, optional "automatic execution" feature where Wilshire directs John Hancock to process fund changes and provides participant notification templates
Partner with your advisor to do it yourself

Work directly with your advisor, who can access the below John Hancock tools on our Financial Representative Website, to support you with investment decisions.

Fund Evaluator

  • A reporting tool that uses industry-recognized, quantitative metrics, build or evaluate a plan’s investment lineup
  • Provides a customized plan specific report containing the results of your analysis
JH Target Date Pathfinder
  • An easy way to analyze the target date options offered on the JH Signature platform
  • Includes an interactive glide path comparison chart, data comparison tables and a Target Date summary report, developed with ERISA attorney Fred Reish, to help you document the selection process
JH Signature Fund Scorecard
  • A convenient report that provides a review of the JH Signature™ investment platform, performed by leading organizations Morningstar, Fi360and RPAG
Hire a third party to do it for you

Completely outsource your investment evaluation and monitoring duties to an investment fiduciary.

Wilshire 3(38) Investment Management Service
  • Wilshire will select and monitor your fund lineup for a 5bps asset charge
  • Wilshire will also direct John Hancock to make fund changes and provide plan-specific quarterly reports, including participant notification templates.
Not all materials, services or tools may be approved at your Broker Dealer firm, it is incumbent upon the registered representative to check with their firm before using any pieces described in this Proposal.

The availability of products, Funds and contract features may be subject to Broker-Dealer Firm approval, State approval, Broker Licensing requirements, tax law requirements, or other related requirements. From time to time, changes are made to Funds, and the availability of these changes may be subject to State approvals or other compliance requirements. Please contact your local John Hancock Representative if you have any questions about product, Fund or contract feature availability.

* Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protection against a loss. Please note that asset allocation may not be appropriate for all participants particularly those interested in directing investment options on their own.

 Based on all John Hancock Lifestyle (target risk), Lifecycle (target date) assets including retail mutual funds and variable insurance products (individual annuities, group annuities and variable life) assets.

> 2016 Industry Report – DC Retirement Plan Benchmarks, Asset International Research, Plan Sponsor Survey, 2016.

+ The Benefit Base is not a cash value and cannot be taken as a lump sum. The Vested Benefit Base determines the guaranteed income amount a participant can receive at retirement. The Benefit Base will be reduced if you take withdrawals, loans or transfer money out of this feature.

 Target Date Portfolio is an investment option comprised of "fund of funds" which allocate their investments among multiple asset classes which can include U.S. and foreign equity and fixed income securities. The "target date" in a target date portfolio is the approximate date an investor plans to start withdrawing money. The Portfolio’s ability to achieve its investment objective will depend largely on the ability of the sub-adviser to select the appropriate mix of underlying funds and on the underlying funds' ability to meet their investment objectives. The portfolio managers control security selection and asset allocation. There can be no assurance that either a Fund or the underlying funds will achieve their investment objectives.

A Fund is subject to the same risks as the underlying funds in which it invests. Because target date funds are managed to specific retirement dates, investors may be taking on greater risk if the actual year of retirement differs dramatically from the original estimated date. Target date funds generally shift to a more conservative investment mix over time. While this may help to manage risk, it does not guarantee earnings growth nor is the fund's principal value guaranteed at any time including at the target date. An investment in a target-date fund is not guaranteed, and you may experience losses, including losses near, at, or after the target date. There is no guarantee that the fund will provide adequate income at and through retirement. Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the fund carefully before investing.

For a more complete description of these and other risks, please review the fund's prospectus.

x A Target Risk Portfolio ("Lifestyle Fund") is a "fund of funds" which invests in a number of underlying funds. The portfolio managers control security selection and asset allocation. The Portfolio’s ability to achieve its investment objective will depend largely on the ability of the subadviser to select the appropriate mix of underlying funds and on the underlying funds’ ability to meet their investment objectives. There can be no assurance that either the Portfolio or the underlying funds will achieve their investment objectives. The Portfolio is subject to the same risks as the underlying funds in which it invests.

The Target Risk Portfolios available range from a conservative to aggressive investment strategy. Each seeks to maintain a consistent level of risk over time regardless of the market environment. Each Target Risk Portfolio is diversified across a mix of stocks, bonds and other capital preserving investments and while this may reduce the overall portfolio risk and volatility, diversification does not ensure a gain or guarantee a protection against a loss. For a more complete description of these and other risks, please refer to the Fund Sheet and the underlying fund's prospectus, which is available upon request.

Ø John Hancock will indemnify and make the Plan whole for any loss resulting from a violation by John Hancock of the Declaration Warranties. A Plan Trustee that wishes to dispute on behalf of the Plan whether John Hancock has satisfied its obligations under these warranties must notify John Hancock in writing within one (1) year after the date of the alleged warranty violation, stating the specific facts of the dispute and including a calculation of any alleged losses. John Hancock commits to working with the Plan Trustee on behalf of the Plan to remedy any such dispute. John Hancock will perform all loss calculations under these warranties in a reasonable manner and credit the total amount of such losses to the Plan, provided that John Hancock receives written direction from the Plan Trustee as to the allocation of the amount among the accounts in the Plan within a reasonable period of time after the date of the Plan Trustee’s claim. In no event shall John Hancock be required to pay any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages.

These Declaration Warranties are independent of any applicable Fiduciary Standards Warranty for which the Plan may qualify. John Hancock is not acting in a fiduciary capacity with respect to any of the warranties that it may make available to Plans that select a group annuity contract. Each Plan’s Trustee has and retains exclusive discretion and authority with respect to the management, administration, operation and investment of its Plan and Plan assets. Contact your John Hancock representative to obtain a copy of the Declaration Warranties Certificate.

~ IPS Manager is a service that provides quantitative information to help Plan Sponsors in the initial selection and ongoing monitoring of the investment options (also referred to as 'Funds') in their company's qualified retirement plan. It is not a substitute for their obligation to select and monitor their plan's investment options. The IPS Manager service is provided without regard to the individualized needs of a plan, or any of the plan's participants or beneficiaries. John Hancock is not undertaking to provide impartial investment advice, or to give advice in a fiduciary capacity in connection with the use of this service and any transactions that may follow the use of this service. Depending on the Funds selected or recommended by the Plan fiduciaries (and whether or not any Funds are recommended or selected), John Hancock and its affiliates may receive additional compensation from the Funds, in the form of 12b-1 fees, transfer agent fees, investment management fees, or otherwise. The total revenue John Hancock and its affiliates receive from a fund advised or sub-advised by John Hancock’s affiliates is higher than those advised or subadvised exclusively by unaffiliated entities.

IPS Investment Manager is not available if the Wilshire 3(21) Advisor Service and Wilshire 3(38) Investment Management Service have been selected.

+ Wilshire’s 3(21) advisor service and Wilshire 3(38) Investment Management Service are provided pursuant to Services Agreement between Wilshire and the plan sponsor. The 3(21) Advisor service and the 3(38) Investment Management Service are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in such agreement including any limitations thereto.

The indemnification of the plan sponsor provided in the agreement with Wilshire is subject to certain conditions and limitations. See the plan sponsor agreement with Wilshire for the complete terms and conditions.

Fiduciary coverage means only that a fund may be an appropriate investment option for a retirement plan and is only available for those Funds on the list of covered investment options provided by Wilshire.